Minimum rental period
Minimum rental period is 1 day. If the car is released late planting than 1 hour in advance of this agreement is reached between charged an additional night.
Tables are included in car rental prices, the operation of a car only to the Republic of Lithuania. The above rental price includes: liability insurance, CASCO insurance. UAB Vipauta reserves the right, without notice to alter the lease price.
Fixed rental fee shall be payable at the beginning of the lease, acquiring a car. For car rental can be paid by bank transfer or cash, leaving the fixed deposit.
Driving person
Rented a car can be driven not less than 21-year-old person who possesses a valid, compliant with international driver's license and a minimum of 2 years driving experience.
To rent a car for private individuals will be provided: a valid driver's license and identity document. The renter tenant legal persons must submit the company's registration certificate and a copy of the power company and the person authorized driver's license. Additional equipment rental Together with the extra cars you can rent chairs, and the GPS navigation system.
All UAB Vipauta 'vehicles are insured. Car vehicles (CASCO) insurance (accident, theft, natural disasters, intentional acts of third persons cases) and the vehicle owners' civil liability compulsory insurance (TPVCA) is in the geographical boundaries. Limited tenant responsibility when the risk event – 250 EUR. The insurance cost is included in the rental car prices.
Cars rented out and returned with a full fuel tank. When any car with less fuel, charged the fee.
You'll find every car.
Customer Responsibilities
Customer is the responsibility 250 EUR, which he must pay for damage caused by traffic accident. Before renting a car, this sum as a deposit. The tenant may request a car to drive to our driver.
Delivery / Return fee
Fee will be applied when the hired car in the client wishes to withdraw / not return to our office and / or at work. In this case, the rental fee is added 9 EUR delivery / return fees. If the outside of Vilnius is taken 0,3 EUR per 1km plus 12 EUR fee. Vilnius airport is taken 15 EUR delivery / return fees.
Rental month
Rental month is 30 days.
Working days
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